WordPress Websites

Why is WordPress CMS the Choice of Forward Designs for Website Development?

WordPress Websites
wordpress with forward designs

What is WordPress?

If you (the client) want to edit and update content yourself via a reliable content management system, consider WordPress websites. Using this system, you can have a custom designed, completely unique website to showcase your brand. I have chosen this as the CMS for my clients, because it is the most versatile and best supported open-source CMS platform available.

WordPress popularity is quite simply due to its ease of use and abundant functionality. You don’t need to be a technical expert to add and edit pages. You can easily add images and videos, as well as edit text.

What type of website can you do with WordPress?

The WordPress platform works for just about any type of website that you can think of. From websites with just a few pages to a full blown online store with hundreds of products, WordPress does it all.

Other usage examples include portfolios, e-commerce, online bookings and events registration. WordPress is particulary well geared for blogging.

WordPress Security

Because WordPress is so popular and open source, it has a massive community of developers continually working and supporting it. Whenever a security breach is found it is quickly rectified, and you will receive a reminder to update your website to keep it safe. In addition, there are many plugins that can be added to the website to keep it very secure.

WordPress has grown to be the largest content management system in the world and the most popular open source CMS platform today, used on millions of sites and seen by tens of millions of people. Well known WordPress users include CNN, NASA, BBC, Samsung, and Nokia.

WordPress Websites SEO

Although WordPress is search engine friendly, you will still need to do some manual SEO work for best results. See our SEO page, where we explain what Forward-Designs can do to make your website even better.

WordPress websites by Forward-Designs

Forward-Designs has created websites with a range of different features. Following are some special features of wordpress websites we have made.

Using the Twenty Sixteen theme:

Elite Tiles - one of the wordpress websites by Forward DesignsELITE-TILES – http://elite-tiles.co.uk/: This website features several special effects requested by the client. The home page has a beautiful boxed layout with an overlay upon hover. Each box connects to a different part of the website. Full screen sliders feature as the background on most pages, and in order to display the pictures to their best advantage, various space saving features are used: a special footer clicks open and closed; text boxes with relevant information can be clicked away, and an email icon on the right slides open a contact form, only when clicked. The Completed Projects page displays beautiful pictures in a gallery of sliders (each reached by clicking on a box) floating on a full screen slider.

Taste of Home - one of the wordpress websites by Forward DesignsTASTE OF HOME – http://tasteofhome.london/: This is the first e-commerce wordpress website by Forward-Designs. A fixed bar remains at the top whilst scrolling so that visitors can easily see contact details. The site has the usual features of an e-commerce website and is responsive. The client can add more products and manage them from the backend.

Using the Twenty Fifteen theme

Living with Mitzvos - one of the wordpress websites by Forward DesignsLIVING WITH MITZVOS – http://livingwithmitzvos.com/: Since this website mainly contains articles, we added a search bar and menu to the left side with the articles as the focal point on the right side. The website was designed so that new content and images can easily be added. Like all our wordpress websites, it is fully responsive. WordPress adapts the page layout to become easy to read on non-desktop devices.

bambimusic wordpress website by Forward-DesignsBAMBI MUSIC – http://www.bambimusicltd.com/: This is a wordpress website containing audio and video recordings. The client can add more recordings himself, to keep his work samples up to date.

Using the Twenty Fourteen theme:

AC UNION construction - one of the wordpress websites by Forward DesignsAC UNION – http://www.acunion.co.uk/: Forward-Designs redesigned this construction website. The main purpose of re-designing was to enable the client to add new projects to the website in-office, without having to come back to us. We chose WordPress as the CMS.

The home page features a video with music, and unobtrusive controls to pause or turn off the video. The projects tab leads to full screen beautiful images of the different sites. Each project slider has a show or hide box on the left side, containing textual information about the project.

Landswood de coy - one of the wordpress websites by Forward DesignsLANDSWOOD DE COY – http://www.landswood.com/: This website was redesigned in an understatedly elegant manner. The client has the option of adding new properties for sale or letting to the website himself.

Ready to do our next websites on the latest wordpress twenty seventeen theme!