Branding by Forward Designs

Branding includes a most important factor for any business – a logo. Your logo acts as your most frequently seen ad, and it has to convey the strongest – and most concise – message. Good branding will ensure that your company is easily discernible for what it is and does. We ensure that before we start, we understand your company or organisation well, so that your branding will clearly reflect what you are.

The Branding Process

  1. Before starting, we get to know your company. We may visit you, talk to you on the phone and/or send a questionnaire for you to complete. The better we understand you, the more on target our designs will be.
  2. We brainstorm and design, design and brainstorm, refine and edit, until we have several possible logos for you to choose from.
  3. You choose the concept logo that speaks to you the strongest.
  4. We tweak, tweak and tweak your logo until it’s perfect! This may involve several emails back and forth until we get all the colours and shapes just right.
  5. Once your logo is complete, we incorporate it into two pieces of stationery of your choice. You may choose a standard letterhead and business card, or go for a CD label, a bag or anything really! Once again, you’ll receive several concept designs from which to choose, and we will tweak and revise the design until it’s perfect.
  6. Finally, you’ll receive your files. Ready to go!


We would be happy to help you with branding for your business or organisation. Please see slider above for examples of work we have done.