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How do you charge?

We work with hourly rates and also have capped rates for certain types of project. A capped rate package will include a certain number of concept designs and revisions to reach the finished product, for a fixed price. If the number of concept designs and revisions required exceeds what’s included in the package, the hourly rate will usually apply to the excess. Please contact us for further information or a quote.

How quickly will my project be finished?

Of course the answer is ‘it depends…’ – on the type and size of the project to start with – a large website will obviously take longer to complete than a single ad. However, whatever the project, you can help speed it up by providing all content (text and pictures) at the start of the project, and by providing prompt feedback when you receive each draft. We believe that client involvement is crucial to the success of any project … and it also speeds things up!

Can you produce work at short notice?

Usually yes we can, but it will depend on our production schedule, and there may be a surcharge on capped rates, or an increased hourly charge. Call us 020 8458 8250 to find out.

Do you offer print services?

Yes. Please contact us for further details.

Can I be involved in the design of my project?

Yes, most certainly!! We absolutely want you to be involved. If there’s a certain style you like, please show us or describe it before we start, so that we can incorporate it into your project. And once we start sending you drafts, we want your feedback. Where have we got it right and where do you want changes?

I know exactly what I want. Can I describe it and you produce it?

Yes you can, and yes we can produce it. But… it’s not always advisable unless you happen to be a graphic designer without access to your computer! Definitely describe what you want, and we’ll advise you if your idea would benefit from modifications to improve clarity, aesthetic appeal, and its professional finish.

In what file format will I receive my completed projects?

Logos: jpg files – one in CMYK for you to use in work printed in your office, and one RGB file for your web posts. Png files (like a jpg but with a transparent background). Also one eps file for printing purposes. This is what you would give to a professional printer, for example to print labels or sticky tape with your logo.

Brochures, ads and any other print projects: printer-ready pdf files.

Why would I pay you to create my ad, when the advertiser will include design in their price?

For good reason! Firstly not all publications will share their artwork with other publications, so if you want a uniform ad across multiple publications, possibly in different sizes, then you need a designer. Additionally, when you work with a designer who knows (or takes the time to get to know) your company, the end product is highly likely to be superior.

That being said, there are instances when it may not be worthwhile to pay the cost of a designer. For example, if you’re selling today’s fad toy at a high discount, your customers will flock to you as long as your ad contains all the required information and a picture of the product… But if you’re trying to build brand loyalty and attract customers to choose you over the competition, then hiring a designer is generally the way to go.

Why are two pieces of stationery included in the branding package?

Well, firstly because once we’ve worked so hard on your logo, we want to ensure that it’s displayed to its best advantage. Branding starts with your logo but it doesn’t end there and we aren’t ready to entrust our ‘baby’ to anyone else for that purpose! On a more practical level though, placing your logo in situ immediately, will ensure that we catch any problems and correct them before your logo goes public.

What if I don’t want “Designed by Forward Designs” to appear on my website?

We can leave “designed by forward-designs.co.uk” out of the footer of your website. We would charge a one-off fee for this, and would retain the rights to display your website in our portfolio, with a link to your website from our website.

Why get a Forward Designs website rather than use a free website builder?

There many important differences between a Forward Designs website and a site created by a free website builder. Forward Designs websites are custom built. You are in charge of everything and get a unique look, whereas with a free website builder, you are limited to their fixed design templates. Freebies can come with hidden charges that you only discover afterwards. One example could be not owning your own domain name, causing difficulties and expenses when you grow and want to move your website elsewhere. Free website builders can close down your website suddenly, and they can sell on your information to others.


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