Forward Designs creates beautiful layouts

We love creating your fliers, folded leaflets and multi-page publications!! These publications are collectively known as layouts. We work hard to ensure that layouts reflect your true message in every aspect of the design, are attractive to the reader, and that information is well placed so as to be easy to read and understand. See the above slider for some layouts we have done.

Layout Creation Process

  1. As with every project, your layout begins with discussion between you and us. We want to know what information you are conveying, to whom, who your company is, and the general tone the project should convey. And of course, what type of layout you are choosing – will it be a single sheet flier, a folded brochure, or a multi-page?
  2. You supply us with the content for the publication. This includes text and pictures.
  3. We send you several mock-ups of different designs to choose from.
  4. You let us know which design you want, and what changes you want made. You may, for example, decide to include elements from another design in your final layout.
  5. More drafts, revisions, spell checks (at our end) and proof reading (at your end) until you are satisfied.
  6. Final high resolution files are created, ready for you to send to your printer.

For further info, contact us or check out our FAQs.