Design Packages of Forward Designs

Design Packages

Branding Package:

Logo with two pieces of stationery.

This is for new companies or companies re-branding. Standard stationery is a letterhead and business card, but depending on the nature of your business, you may prefer other items such as a CD label, packaging label or envelope. You can check out our Branding page and FAQs for more information, or contact us for any other questions and current package price.

New Business Package – Discount

Logo, two pieces of stationery and one ad campaign.

This is a standard Branding Package, along with an ad campaign. This is your initial series of up to 3 ads to get your company on the map. One ad is designed, using our standard adverts process, but a different product, service, or attribute of your company is featured each time it is placed. The ad campaign in the New Business Package is a campaign for the price of a single advert. Check out our FAQs for more information, or contact us with any other questions and for the current package price.